Hilton Resource Group

The Facilitator’s Guide To Effective Meetings

How many hours do you spend in unproductive ineffectual meetings? How often do you leave a meeting frustrated with the outcome? How often do you feel as if you have wasted precious time? The Facilitator’s Guide To Effective Meetings provides practical strategies and techniques for conducting effective productive meetings.

Learn Facilitation Strategies

  • Optimize your meeting time
  • Develop collaboration
  • Achieve objectives
  • Secure commitment from stakeholders

Program Outcomes

  • Conduct an effective productive meeting
  • Learn proven facilitation skills to: utilize time effectively, accomplish objectives, remain focused on the purpose, maintain motivation and commitment, encourage active participation, and diffuse negativity and destructive behaviors
  • Learn how to utilize agendas
  • Demonstrate effective communications
  • Develop cooperative problem solving
  • Learn how to ensure commitment and reinforce accountability
  • Understand basic group dynamics

The most relevant, power packed presentation we have received. An example to base future courses.

Baker Hughes