Hilton Resource Group

Effective Presentation Skills (EPS)

Learn proven methods to consistently deliver polished-dynamic presentations. Participants have an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, techniques, and confidence to consistently deliver powerful presentations.

EPS Program at a Glance

  • “The Four Presentation Rules”
  • Learn how to structure an effective presentation
  • Learn powerful public speaking techniques to improve your delivery and reinforce the message
  • Learn methods to increase audience involvement and sustain interest
  • Learn how to maximize personal style and identify areas for improvement
  • Learn techniques to manage anxiety and reduce ‘stage fright’
  • Learn how to work with visual aides to reinforce your presentation
  • Identify resources available to improve your delivery options

Excellent inter-action and real life examples. This course is useful in every day situations not just presentations! The group participation was very helpful and the instructor did a superb job creating a casual atmosphere. Excellent!

Moe Hussainali, International Sales, Sercel Inc