Hilton Resource Group

Program Overview

Program Purpose

To provide training in effective facilitation skills for training professionals and all front-line personnel responsible for conducting training sessions, delivering presentations and facilitating structured meetings.

Program Emphasis

How to engage and involve all types of learners to facilitate information retention and desired application.

Areas of Focus

The program is designed to improve facilitation skills in four critical areas:


Specific strategies to ensure that information is relevant to the audience and maximizes the environment and available resources.

Retention and Participation

Participants learn how to deliver material to ensure that their audience retains relevant information, engages in the material, and can apply the information directly to their job.

Content Development

Facilitators learn how to structure their material to ensure that their presentations are productive and results focused.

Platform and Presentation

Facilitators learn practical-powerful methods to involve their participants and increase their effectiveness as presenters.

Who Should Attend?

“EFS” is designed for trainers, presenters, and all professionals that conduct and lead training sessions, team meetings, and formal presentations. Participants will acquire the skills to:

  • Facilitate effective presentations-training sessions and meetings.
  • Learn proven techniques to engage participants and ensure learning retention and practical application.
  • Develop clear and specific objectives to achieve desired learning outcomes.
  • Utilize Accelerated Learning techniques to engage all types of learners.
  • Learn how to make dull subject matter interesting.
  • Learn how to structure and deliver an effective professional presentation.
  • Identify resources available to improve presentations and training efforts.
  • Utilize varied resources and aids to increase information retention- impact and effectiveness.

We held our inaugural Facilitation Skills course this week and I’m very pleased to report that it was fantastic. I had three of our trainers and two safety and training coordinators in the group so it was small, but incredibly effective. Each participant worked on a project that they will be delivering in the near future and we figure that with the extended discussions, prompted by the course concepts, literally 100s of hours of work was accomplished. We truly had some synergy going on. It was really neat. Thank you very much for your program!

Lynn McMaster, Director of Training and Development, BJ Services Canada