Hilton Resource Group

TAP the Power of Mentoring

Your people are your future. Your people create the culture that drives leadership, achievement, and performance. Your ability to attract retain and develop your talent defines your future growth and prosperity.

You invest considerable resources to recruit top talent then watch in horror as your investment walks. The high cost of turnover can be brutal for a company—making employee retention a strategic issue. Learn how a structured coaching program can retain talent, maximize performance, develop leadership, improve safety awareness, and engage your workforce.

The TAP Mentoring program provides you a structured mentoring process to help you develop your talent and secures your future performance and growth. Refer to the HRG strategic hiring course, Target Interviewing Practices (TIPs), to learn how to consistently select top performance individuals.

For more details on the TAP Mentoring Program, see the program brochure below or contact us at (713) 927-2667.